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scoobiesnoop should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid

I was just looking at the onboard vids at the official F1 site (single laps only) and (if you watch) the Button Monaco 09 lap shows something quite remarkable. Everyone knows how the cars like to move about but I always thought a well balanced (set up) car would be super stable and not really move about much. Buttons car is all over the shop and you really get a sense that these cars are a handful even if they are the best on the grid. I got the impression that the car always wants to get away from the driver so I have an even bigger respect for F1 drivers than I already had. At first I thought it was just because Monaco is bumpy but if you watch other tracks (other drivers) you see the same thing (although to a lesser degree). Makes you think, maybe us armchair drivers would 'struggle' if we were to ever get the opportunity to drive an F1 car!
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