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Alfisti should be qualifying in the top 3 on the gridAlfisti should be qualifying in the top 3 on the gridAlfisti should be qualifying in the top 3 on the grid
Originally Posted by Dutton View Post
I came to ask what JHamilton did about whether or not bothering with NASCAR for the year was a bad move. I nearly tuned in for the few events that I would specifically look forward to each year, but didn't quite do it.

It is all automated on my PVR system so I certainly could have watched every race, but it just didn't get me. I can't say I missed it all that much. It was all just starting to get a bit much with the silliness.

When they introduced the chase I tended to not really see the chase races after the first couple of seasons with it (would usually get three or four) as it all seemed a bit "What is the point?" to me. It was frustrating. A season as long as NASCAR's should be about the long haul; it just feels rather wrong to me to try to invalidate all that went before.

Perhaps I will plug back in in 2017, but from comments here maybe there is not much point.

How sad the state of affairs has become.
I am another hater of the Chase. I last watched a full season of NASCAR in 2009 (at least I think it was '09 - Michael Waltrips last full season at any rate) and haven't felt compelled to watch this silly system with its knockout nonsense.

For me, let the drivers and teams race hard all year and the guy with the most points at the end is the Champion. It works in all the other motorsport I watch. It works for football. It works for rugby. It just works.

Make it so please Mr NASCAR or likely I will watch Daytona and that will be it for the year - as has been the case since '09. I'm kind of addicted to Daytona... I cannot offer a logical explanation for this though!
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