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Originally Posted by DX20VT View Post
reading rule 9.4.6 and 9.4.7 together,
does it state that the race starts at the end of the lap after the safety car pulls in? being THAT lap
As that would have been quite a few laps into the race in that case?
Relevant rules section: Click me

I think the problem goes back to rules that are poorly written allowing different interpretations. After reading the rules for both normal and safety car starts, I think one issue is that the race was originally intended to start under normal conditions, and was switched to a safety car start after the completion of the formation lap. I can't see that situation covered by the rules ... and I could be wrong.

Firstly, under 9.1.10 or 9.2.9 (normal start), 25 out of 26 cars were correctly positioned to be considered under starter's orders - 21 on the grid and 4 at pit exit. This is 3-5 seconds before the actual race start.

Under normal conditions, the race is considered started when the red lights go out (9.1.11 or 9.2.10).

Cars starting at pit exit may start the race only on the direction of an Official, and after the rest of the field has passed the Pit Lane exit (9.1.14 or 9.2.13)

Surely this is what happened today, except under a safety car start.

However, under a safety car start, when said red lights go out, the cars are said to be under starters orders (9.4.3), so there is the start of the muddle.

As stated above, we then have the 9.4.7 and rules. One literal interpretation of those 2 rules is that the 4 cars at pit exit prior to the safety car leaving on lap 1 is that those 4 cars should not have been under starter's orders until lap 6 ... ridiculous! And also not in keeping with the general intent of the starting from pit exit rules above.

Some simple rewording and re-positioning of the 9.4 set of rules would resolve it? Possibly along the lines of:

1) Change the wording in 9.4.3 so it says the race is started under full course yellow behind the safety car (instead of under starters orders).
2) Leave 9.4.4, 9.4.5 and 9.4.6 as is.
3) Reword 9.4.7 to say "The race will be move from FCY to green flag condition when the leading Car crosses the Control Line at the end of that lap."
4) Move and reword to become Cars starting from Pit Lane exit may enter the circuit only on the direction of an Official, and after the rest of the field has passed the Pit Lane exit.
And if required, add an extra timing point before 9.4.3 to differentiate cars coming under starter's orders, and the race starting under FCY.

Just my opinions, I'm not a lawyer nor an expert interpreter of legalese.

Originally Posted by chavez
Schenken and co should do themselves a favour and review each rule and decide whether it adds to the sport. ?
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