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Help with designing a track.

Hi everyone, first post on this forum.

I'm a serving British Soldier and I've built a karting track on my camp. The track is built on site at MoD Lyneham which used to be an active RAF site with a large runway.

As it's no longer in use I was given a large area to build a track, I did this by using tyres 3 high to build the track. So far it's been brilliant but I'm now looking at getting it professionally made.

I've included 2 photos along with the scale, I would really appreciate it if someone could have a go at designing a new track for me as I need to send plans off to get quotes.

Ideally I would like it 600-800 metres in length with a pit area also. We run up to 6 corporate karts at a time on it.

The only limitations are a 3 meter gap needs to be left on either side of the existing runway, I've annoyed the limits on the photo.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

I'll add a video of the track we have currently shortly. - Full Site - Track Site

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