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gt917 should be qualifying in the top 3 on the gridgt917 should be qualifying in the top 3 on the gridgt917 should be qualifying in the top 3 on the grid
Originally Posted by Mike Bell View Post
When the comments were made I didn't want to get into a 300 v 200 discussion (especially being a local!), but since you asked John....

The 200, as you say is close to the previous layout. IMO the old Sear was a pain, and now it's more of a chicane doesn't make it any worse for me. Coram is OK until it turns into Murrays! There are a lot worse corners to be found at some other circuits, however. Re, the 300 layout, I'm OK with it, Palmer is a great corner (again- IMO), and the others are no better or worse than many to be found elsewhere.....
Well, like Mike, I too am a local, just ten minutes fast drive over the border in Suffolk. I ought to love it, but I too dislike the "300" internal loop and hate the modified Coram, and what should still be Russell, especially as Jim is still with us.

I happened to be at the circuit on a test day just after the works had been completed, and lo and behold JP flew in and had lunch in Tyrells.
As he finished and left the building, I congratulated him on all he and the team had done at his circuits, and for the first class work carried out at Snetterton. I did however follow up with the words that I thought he had buggered up Coram and Russell. He replied to the fact that he wanted to basically liven up and make that section more demanding for the drivers !!!

Any of us who raced the old bend and corner know full well that it was one of the most exhilarating and take a deep breath sections of many a track.

Why is it that when something works well, it has to be changed !!!!!!!!!!

When all said and done though, Jamie and all the staff are great, and Gary and his missus do run a damn good eating establishment.
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