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cptkablamo should be qualifying in the top 10 on the gridcptkablamo should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Only motorsport magazine I read is Motorsport - the UK production. I read a lot of general interest magazine that rely in feature articles for content. I don't mind paying for well written and interesting features, which usually Motorsport delivers. I guess I am not so into Australian motorsport so I can't comment but from what I see flicking through in a newsagent, the Australian offering doesn't really offer what I want. I basically won't buy a magazine unless it has multiple extended features in the one issue.

I tend to refuse to pay for 'news' these days as there is no art or skill in publishing or rewording media releases, though filtering the good ones and leaving out the bad is a skill.

I will visit websites for news over something like Facebook or Twitter - where I go for interaction. As such I tend to view Speedcafe, Autosport, Crash, SpeedTV USA (though will be sad when it goes, but biased) and Dailysportscar (Biased) and RacerViews - mega biased.
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