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AkioAsakura95 should be qualifying in the top 5 on the gridAkioAsakura95 should be qualifying in the top 5 on the grid
Originally Posted by TF110 View Post
What tire do you think the Studie team will switch to? Bridgestone?
Originally Posted by hvr777 View Post
Based on overall results by Bridgestone customers at this season, I think switching to Bridgestone will be makes sense. But I don't know if Studie will try with another brand outside the existing one (example : Pirelli)

The comparation between identical cars with different tyres (M6 GT3, RC F GT3 & AMG GT3) were quite clear. But in this case, #4 GSR Hatsune Miku is the exception.
But I don't think they will switch Bridgestone as ARTA is using Bridgestone with M6 GT3 , unless they changed to NSX GT3.

Then Michelin is the good choice for Team Studie , that because team Studie is one of the official BMW team. And there only nine official bmw teams in the world . Therefore, most of the official bmw team use Michelin tires. And Michelin tires have significant improved for the last time , as MOTUL GT-R proved that it's strong , and Michelin will not hesitate to supply GT300 team . The last seen in GT300 using Michelin since 2014 for Subaru BR-Z GT300.

For Dunlop it doesn't make sense , that because Dunlop tires are Same tires competitiveness as Yokohama.

Speaking about the other tires brand outside Super GT . I think it's unlikely to use all of the other brand of the tires , except Pirelli. But Pirelli tires it's only supplies the race as the sole tires supplier only but not multi tires supplier. As Pirelli oppose to participate as the tires supplier as one the multi tires supplier just like F1 and Blancpain gt series.

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