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F1 lobby should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Luiggi sorry man for messing up your sketch but these little tweaks are just the finishing touches of your design,,and we're done! It's a wrap What a thrilling lay-out this would be!

I opened up T4 and T5, I created "new" T10 the almost flat out chicane, and I opened up T16 also to keep the flow in the lap. There are already a few braking zones so passing will be challenge anyway. But hey that's racing ain't it?!

For some 4 elevation changes T14/T15 (" the SSes") could be build on a hill of 10 meter with a steep slope towards the highest level of the right apex of T14, T15 steep downhill towards T16. Also T7 build on a hill of 5 meters and the new chicane "new" T10 also build on a 5 meter hill. T4 also build on a 5 meter hill to create a blind entry into T5.

It's just a silly idea so just tell me if I lost my mind on this one

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