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The alternate lay-out replicates most of your corners indeed so forget about that one but I would like to see at least some more exciting left handers because there are very few, although the right handers are very fast, especially the first sector.

That's why I suggest to open up the exit of T10 and the entry of T11, and the bend between those corners is actually a nice flowing part too.
There are already a lot of straights so a bit more variety will finish the job perfectly. And if you could have a look to the junction of that left-right chicane of the existing track which is located a little bit more to the right, and the oval is a little smaller than yours.

As far as my opinion counts I would choose for your lay-out because until now that's the most efficient one. I also would like to know the vision and opinions of the others uphere but it seems that this thread is not interesting enough despite the amount of views, nobody even takes the effort except you, Luiggispeed and Scotsbrutesfan, it's a shame but it makes the choice a lot easier
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