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I don't know any of the history of the car, and haven't been able to find anything about it either. It is / was driven by Alan Prince and Michael Hourigan.

Michael Hourigan owned and ran The Toy Shop in Wellington for many years, and prepared amount others the Andrew Bagnall Porsche 911 Carrera RS ( type 964 ) which was campaigned in the Nissan Mobil 500 Street Race support races and the Bridgestone Porsche series and a few other appearances. Michael has since relocated The Toy Shop to Auckland.

This photo was taken by my Dad at the previously mentioned annual Jag day in Auckland, in September 2008. The sign on the windscreen reads:

Maunfacture: Jaguar
Model / Year: XJS Coupe / 1977
Form / Year: Group A / 1982
FIA / Homologation: A-5023
Engine / Capacity: V12 / 5343cc
Rated: 414 BHP / 7200 RPM
Transmission: 5 Speed Getrag
Final Gear: 3.73:1 / 16 Inch Wheels
Weight / Brakes: 1390 KGS / vented
Right here is the picture to go with the post

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