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Originally posted by G_Ilott
MB : I can't get into your site, only the first page but I like the shot shown on the homepage. Do you have any other examples, particularly head-on shots using the convertor. Have you ever stacked 1.4x and 2x convertors?
My site really isn't built yet. I just posted some image to allow me to post to other forums. I have been really busy with a charity print porject along with becoming's photo editor. I hope to get some free time later this month to get this done.

As for stacking convertors I have not done just because I don't have the convertors to stack. My 1.4x is for manual focus and 2x is for auto focus. In my opinion this is not a good idea. You would be better off buying a cheaper telephoto than stacking. The light loss by stacking would not be a fair trade off tosaving money. Plus if you are using auto focus it may not even work.

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