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Originally Posted by Kale View Post

Chassis Plade says : ALEXIS CARS LTD
AT/F3 - MK 17/1 - JAN 70

In the middle section from the frame ( Cockpit section ) the frame was original
red painted - later grey colour was painted over.

Ken Crook runs a F3 MK17 in Brands Hatch - September 1969
But the Plade says Jan 70 ???
More than one MK17 build ??
But the Plade says MK17/1 ??
A few mistakes ???
regards Karl

Both Ken Crook and Dick Barker appear from August 1969 onwards with cars that are called Mk17. They appear together, so there are at least two built in 1969.
Given Alexis plating practice, which I've seen in Formula Fords, there's every chance that these two cars were Mk17/1 and Mk17/2 with 1969 build dates
They then built a third car, Mk17/1 with a 1970 build date.

Barker's 1969 car is used by Ken Sedgley early in 1970
Crook's 1969 car appears driven by Allan Taylor in 1970

This suggests that the new car (if there is one) for 1970 is the one driven by Ken Bailey early in the season. Since no more than two Alexis appear together in 1970 there's no absolute guarantee that a third car was built.

Ken Sedgley's 1970 car was yellow, Ken Bailey's 1970 car was red and white
That colour scheme might be a clue, given the plate you've got

Hope this helps

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