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Bonjour, Malcom Smith! Thanks for the question which almost killed me in the morning…*
Dijon is a long track, traditional, ex F1 so almost familiar for an enthusiast having seen many pics or vids before. Its rather easy to walk inside the track to change the point of view.
Charade is another story because its only a portion of the original track, twisty, walking around is almost impossible, you've to find a spot to see several curves at a glance.
Around Dijon, if you like wine…*Around Charade if you like volcanos…
You will meet more english at Dijon, this meeting is more international than national but dont expect any chance with the weather forecast in October!
And if you like an answer à la Mike Bell to your question, could be something like: why would you go to France?
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Stay safe at home, spread the word not the virus, please. L'humour, c'est comme les brûlures, ça ne devient vraiment grave qu'à partir du troisième degré!