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Originally Posted by BootsOntheSide
Gilles was not really 1982 title favourite when Zolder happened, but 1983 could have been his year, as Ferrari did win the Constructors' title with a lineup that was thoeretically only moderately good, and 1985 seems quite possible as well - the team may not have faded away with Gilles helping out on the development side, but it's purely theoretical. If Scheckter had been faster in 1980, he may not have retired, so Pironi may not have joined the team, so Gilles would not have pushed so hard at Zolder.......

Senna probably would have won a further world championship without Imola. He was a long way behind in 1994, but the car was getting better and Benetton surely feared him more than Hill. 1995 should have been easy, but I think that may have been the point at which Ayrton retired. On the other hand, perhaps none of the JV debates would have happened (in the f1 forum at least) if he had continued and JV had never got into F1?

I know Gilles was ****ed off after Imola, but given how may risks he took he might have come undone at Zolder either way.

And I don't think 1995 would have been an easy championship for Senna. I'm sure that Benetton and Schumacher would have approached things differently had they been competiting against Senna instead of Hill. Besides, the one thing a driver can't beat is age. Sooner or later, it will catch up with him.
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