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Heeltoe6 should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid

So who's everybody rooting for in this intra-manufactuer rivalry. US v. Europe, Factory v. Privateer. PTG, despite still using the v6s, has a 2 point lead in the team standings(41 to 39). and when both teams resume in July, both should be using the new v8s. I myslef am pulling for PTG, cause they've been in in gt racing for the long haul without facotry support, don't want the facotry team wo waltz in and dominate, they've got a few things to learn. Also, as Muller or Letho admitted, one disadvantage they have is that all the Porsches they punted last year when they were in the P class probably will remember it when they are dueling, while PTG is on good relations with the other GT teams, look how cleanly Said/Stuck race with one of the Barbour cars at Sears pt last year. Anyways, it should be fun to watch, let alone seeing both of them try to knock of the Porsches.
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