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Simon Hadfield should be qualifying in the top 10 on the gridSimon Hadfield should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
I'm not sure that the issue of my thread has actually been grasped.
What I'm asking is what is likely to happen and why is this not being discussed or information being given out so we can plan our lives and in some cases, businesses. If we are given a calendar in January and we don't know what licences our customers need (as an example) how does that help?
I would point out that we have had pretty much full access to European motorsport, cheaply and more or less hassle free, since we joined Europe. The concept of "going back to what we had" is simply unknown by most competitors today.
When I started in Historic racing we did indeed have carnets, and the associated costs, and could not compete outside of the UK without an International licence and a covering letter from, then, the RAC. From memory that covering letter was specific to an event, not a generic one.
Today a large number of competitors, I would venture, compete on a National A licence, many for the reason that it does not require an ECG......
So this is not "Project Fear" but a call to find out what exactly is proposed under "Project Reality".
I would suspect that for many south of London it's currently easier to get to Spa than Oulton Park on a Bank Holiday weekend, if they now need to jump through hoops that were not there before does that drive more competitors into remaining in UK based motorsport?
Whatever the reality must surely be that external motorsport will become more expensive.
I would also add that way back then the carnet principle was well established and most of the kinks had been worked out over the many years that it had been running. I simply do not believe that that level of competence will magic into being overnight on one day in March next year. So would it not be prudent to suggest to organisers that they don't schedule European races until well into the season? Let the real hauliers and businesses work though the car park on the M20 first?

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