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8en should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Do you have the CER1 list? Iím going to attend this for the first time as Iím conveniently in the south of France at the same time...


Originally Posted by Mike Bell View Post
So far, 83 cars on the 60s Endurance grid, then 8 reserves and 8 on the waiting list! Guess what, itís LMC next year again. Amazing how it brings cars out of the woodwork....

The HTC grid (54 cars so far) includes McLaren Boss Zak Brown in a Cologne Capri and a 1985 BMW M5 ĎSuperproductioní car, which is a new one on me. EDIT- One of these...

59 entered for CER1, no Howmet or Gulf 917 though, and for young will, the EL and GpC entry lists....
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