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Originally Posted by Mal View Post
An interesting question came up today whilst watching the Audi Monza test video with a colleague - does anyone know the amount of downforce generated by topline P1 car compared to an F1 car? I assume the F1 car is more, but the way the R18 went flat out into the curva grande - made me wonder?
I think values are closer than how we may think. I don't know exactly the numeric values, but I'm alway surprised how fast are P1 in confront of F1.
P1 are heavier, their power is restricted, but they're very close to F1. This is incredible! Then if you think F1 can only be fast like a F1 only for 2 hours, while a P1 can be as fast as a P1 for at least 24 hours... is incredible!
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