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Originally Posted by bella View Post
why do you think that?
This is why I think Virginia was unfairly treated:
Relationship prior to getting married:

“We’d been living together for two years and I don’t think he considered he had any obligation toward me.” Virginia Williams.

After the wedding ceremony:

“Alright then, I am going to buy you all a spectacular lunch.” Dave Brodie.
“Not me you’re not I am working.” Frank Williams.
“And he …. Off!” Dave Brodie.
“I don’t know what man in his right mind would have thought that was okay, but Dad did.” Claire Williams.

Family Life:

“He really doesn’t have anything at all going on in his life at all apart from motor racing.” Virginia Williams.
“I am addicted to motor racing Frank Williams declared uncompromisingly, motor racing is what matters most in my life. Well I have a family, but they take second place to the business, there is no question about that.” Frank Williams.
“Have you ever done the family holiday thing?” Interviewer!
“Never done that! … Never had any interest in that.” Frank Williams.
“Went on a family holiday thirty two times with Mom.”
“How many times did Dad come?” Interviewer
“Never, not once.” Claire Williams.

Business Backup by Virginia:

“If Ginny had not been there, Williams would never have made it, because a lot of the money that kept it going was hers.” Frank Dernie.
“No, I don’t think my parents were happy when they learned that Ginny had sold her flat to help Frank.” Brother.
“Frank, used to bounce cheques on me.” Virginia Williams.

Faithfulness to Virginia following his succeeding in F1:

“But I think it was inevitable there were bound to be girls who’d try and get their clutches into Frank.
I can remember finding out about someone and being desperately upset about it.
But I think probably I used to overreact to Frank’s, because they probably weren’t affairs.”
“Indiscretions?” Interviewer
“I used to overreact. Which I think used to annoy him.”
“Did he say they weren’t important?” Interviewer.
“No, he used to deny it. He used to lie, he used to tell the most dreadful whoppers.” Virginia Williams.

“And because she was completely besotted, and head over heels, she used to accept it and get on with it, that was it and she dealt with it. Umm, I wouldn’t.” Claire Williams.

“Did friends of yours, ever say, particularly early on, why do you put up with it?”
“Could you explain it to them?” Interviewer.
“No, because I think they tended to think, I only liked being kicked in the teeth.” Virginia Williams.

Before the accident

Driving like an idiot on the roads, treating a commute on a private road like a time trial, while he had a wife and children.
Got caught out in France with Peter Windsor as a passenger.
“I am going to kill myself on that road if I am not careful.” Frank Williams.
“Frank was a suicide lane driver.” Virginia Williams.

Following the accident

Virginia refused to let Frank die in France, arranged his evacuation to England, learnt how to suction his lungs and supported him as a quadriplegic.
Baring in mind that Virginia had lost a lot in the accident, the following does not indicate much support.
“Frank has no emotional engagement whatsoever.” Virginia Williams.
“Frank does not talk about his feelings.” Virginia Williams.
Frank has never read Virginia’s book, “A different kind of life.”
Shouldn’t you bother to read what was essentially a plea for help from your wife.


Frank seems to have used and abused someone who clearly adored him.
How much support would Frank have been to Virginia if the roles had been reversed?

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