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Originally Posted by VIVA GT View Post
When the racing goes behind a paywall, my will to watch it will not be sufficient enough for me to follow & pay to watch. I may use forums such as this to follow what's happening, but then I may lose interest so much that I can't be bothered to do that anymore either.
I can't be alone in thinking like this, and surely, the less spectators the sport gets, the less benefit there is to the sponsors & manufacturers involved? This makes me believe that unless this situation is addressed, the whole thing will simply implode, and the huge financial system will just vanish down it's own (er?) plug hole.
Just about sums up my sentiments, having followed not only F1 but many forms of motor racing for 50+ years, the commercial influences are enough to put me off entirely. I find myself more and more resorting back to watching club racing in its pure form at affordable spectating levels.
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