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clio RS w172 front ride height

A mate of mine is struggling to set up the front ride height of his w172 clio RS. It has wide track control arms with k tec camber adjustable bushes and the extra castor ball joint positions, k tec spherical tops, camber pins at the hub and bilstein coilovers. The LCA camber adjustable eccentrics are set at max for maximum track/neg camber and the ball joints are standard spec (not extended).
Aware that as a macpherson strut rule of thumb you don't want to lower the car to the extent that the lower control arms start to point up towards the ball joint side he set about sorting the ride height.
The problem he has found is that at stock ride height the lower control arms (when looking at the ball joint pivot and the front LCA pivot positions) are still tilting up slightly towards the ball joint side. He has to go 10mm over stock to get them near level but still not horizontal. Is this just something that's unique to these cars?
All I could think is that the car has a lot of anti lift/anti dive built into it and the rear LCA pivot is much higher than the front one and really what is needed is to find the axis that the LCA pivots on and then measure from the midpoint. Could that be the issue?
So basically how are you guys setting your ride heights/geometry on these cars?

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