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Originally Posted by GTRMagic View Post
The thing that is interesting here is that Volvo Cars recently purchased the Polestar operation, or at least the road car development arm of that group.

The racing arm is known as Cyan.. and it is this brand that appears on the GRM Volvos (and their pilots) this year... the racing arm is still owned by the people who formerly owned Polestar.

Unless we have missed something, Volvo AU is apparently contracted to Cyan (nee Polestar) for the supply of engines to GRM.

There is no reason for this not to continue into the future, funded locally by the importer where there is ongoing commercial benefit to do so.

Besides which, if the V8 isn't something Volvo wants to demonstrate, they do have access to turbo engines that may be adaptable for Gen2.
Is VCAu's enthusiasm for the program enough for the mother ship to ultimately allow it to continue?

While they (GRM, Cyan, VCAu) may be able to join all of the other dots, Sweden will have the final say over it.
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