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Originally Posted by Razzzor View Post
Leclerc didn't really have the pace did he? What happened to the near 0.5s a lap advantage from qualifying? He did an Alonso and just put his car in the perfect place on the first lap but then went nowhere and spent half the race getting past Albon. He was going to be lucky to get 8th at that point. Even the DAMS cars' fastest lap was 0.7s faster than Leclerc's when he had the softer tyre advantage at the end. On those new tyres he should have been able to do better than 4th and was lucky to even get that. That restart move where he got three at once was pretty cool but really they just opened the door for him.
I think that was probably more down to him taking a calm and measured approach to the race rather than driving like a loon, taking all kinds of risks and shredding his tyres, if you were to put Rowland or Markelov in the same position i would be prepared to wager they would have hit someone or something on a mad charge through the field, finishing 4th was a decent result given the circumstances.
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