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Originally Posted by Number4 View Post
There is not a single part on a Cup, Xfinity, or Truck that is "stock" at the moment. Instead of teams spending hours forming sheet metal into a body that have to fit strict templates, they will be able to unclip and refit a moulded panel in next to no time.
They run tapered spacer air restrictors at all tracks in Cup, and plates at the superspeedways, so new engine rules make sense.
NASCAR rules moving out of the 50's and into the 90's would at least be a positive step
i know that, but my suspension of disbelief is in effect, steel cars steel race cars, most i was to ask for since it isn't stock but a tin top.
but now it will be a plasti-top or fiber top
i know it isn't new all together, but this only invites other changes as mentioned.
a car that loses 500 lbs (240kg?) with the current 950HP motor will go how much faster? will they choke the engine, or down size it? like ARCA and their specish motors.
i expect the same- it doesn't do anything to lessen the racing when things are so equal but the fan backlash and it can hurt the image and we know the dmaage this does like in indy car etc.
frankly i though NASCAR was going to go and use the DP (first gen) as a replacement for the cup series, but it didn't do that did it.

the drivers creep closer to the center every generation of car, which is okay, it is for safety. but what is the want and desire of the people in charge.

they say the composite bodies will lower costs, and at the same time they mention all the body and metal shops supporting teams..will not be needed.
doh! lots of folks will be out of work, seeing as composites will likely be sourced from one or 2 suppliers.

overall though i am interested in seeing where this goes, i really do enjoy my NASCAR
it isn't all bad
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