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StockHatch782 should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by BertMk2 View Post
It's works differently in the heats though - the points given are spread across the heats - so you might win your heat but still only be 8th quickest from a given set of heats. So if there are 3 heats of 6 cars in theory it's possible for the fastest 6 times to come from the same heat and the winner of one heat may have set the 13th quickest time overall. The finals are a different kettle of fish as you point out - first to the flag wins.
Rather than working all that out I generally just wait until the sheet is displayed telling me which final I'm in! I think my maths teacher has a lot to answer for (although interestingly(?) my I.T. teacher was a certain Roy Gravestock, whose name is on the list of previous stock hatch champions).

I only raised the rather pernickety point because you were talking about the finals and I don't like to see you making yourself look silly, Bert...! But now you've redeemed yourself and are, in fact, correct. So well done.
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