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silver bullet should be qualifying in the top 5 on the gridsilver bullet should be qualifying in the top 5 on the grid
Originally Posted by USRallycross View Post
Marcus' crash at X Games had nothing to do with the jump. He clipped a lamp post base that was hidden behind the course marker barrier. The Boss never had any issues with the jump.

I was standing next to the jump when Topi crashed. He didn't have sufficient approach speed. In all the GRC events, Topi's was the only crash - typed until I remember Binks rolled our eBay car! (Sorry David)

Whether jumps have a place in rallycross, or should I say US rallycross, is open to debate. We obviously don't have the history of the classic tracks or any history of the sport here so gaining appeal may well need the novelty. When I was around the GRC I didn't any drivers complaining. If Marcus had complained we wouldn't have run the events.

The jumps in GRC/Nitro are hit at a much lower speed than the jumps on most rally stages, with custom built landings, without trees and with a much shorter distance flown.

I don't expect the purists here to want jumps. The majority want all events to be like the Lydden Winter Series c. 1986..........

(just to stir the pot a little)
I have no problem with jumps at all. There have been jumps in rallycross for a long time, there was even a little one at Ty-Croes back in the day. My problem is with open/gap jumps, where approach speed and positioning are vital to making the jump safely.
The jumps in rallying are taken one car at a time, not with three or four other cars on track at a time, doorhandling and jockeying for position.
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