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So donít buy it? If you donít like something then thatís the only way that games companies will change it, if you make a point of telling them that youíre not going to buy it. And tbf the Dirt team do seem to pay at least a bit of attention to the community, hence the announcement that VR will no be an option.

Personally l prefer the route they took with DR and Kunos took with ACC, where taking a gamble early means that you can get a good deal. Although ACC was virtually unplayable due to issues in the early stage.

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I don't have to buy it but it doesn't change the fact that they are still doing it with this game.

My urge for getting the game might be too much though, especially since it appears to be an improvement over DR. It was just 150 Swedish kr more than the base game that costs 600 kr, which is not much for a Deluxe edt of a game really. Other games top editions tend go above 800 kr.

The amount of comments I have seen about people demanding VR just comes to show that they pretty much had to add it, #novrnobuy for example. They had it in the first game as well so it wouldn't make sense to not have it again. Besides, many other racing games have VR.
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