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Hickey should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
If this fails then I really feel for Pat Doran who just keeps backing the wrong horse. I know that some on here hate him and don't forgive him for getting IMG involved in the first place but it has been at pretty significant personal cost for him and I feel sorry for him, he's a true rallycross fan who just keeps making the wrong call.

But I have very little time for Pucher. He is just a rich boy trying to make more money. A one make series (which he owns), promises the world, can't even deliver Dreux. His tweets are so arrogant and unprofessional. So entitled. He thinks he can make a series based on a brand new model? Why? Why not just try to tap into the (leterally hundreds) of existing cars out there. Supercar, s1500 touring car and supernational. Guarantee that would have been more successful than 12 not quite supercars trundling round.

I hope it fails and then one of two things happens, 1) something sensible with ERX events to run at WRX events or 2) someone else picks up and runs something akin to what I describe above, I.e. a standalone ERC championship at proper venues.

He started saying all the right things then it became this supercar only show and just went downhill from there.
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