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cg7aa should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
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Finland done and dusted - I haven't watched the coverage yet but the result certainly helps Tanak towards the title. Good to see that the top 3 are all driving different cars as well - it shows how competitive the championship is again. I thought Breen had a pretty good weekend - will he get a full time seat again somewhere next season?

Tommi Makinen has come out in support of Meeke again after another bad weekend for him - what are the chances of Meeke being in the WRC next season? No way back at Citroen and you've got to think he's running out of chances at Toyota as well.

Evans will miss Germany as he's still not recovered from his back injury, Greensmith will be in the Fiesta again as a replacement - I thought they might have put Paddon in but I guess Greensmith has had more time in the car.
I fear it may well be over for Kris come the season's end. I sincerely hope I'm wrong because I've always been a fan but if Toyota lose the manufacturer's title to Hyundai, he may well get the blame. As Latvala alluded to, driving under pressure like he was, isn't much fun and you tend to make more mistakes. Kris must be feeling the heat (like Mikkelsen was - allegedly).

Breen was very impressive on his cameo and Ott was just, Ott i.e. fast and fearless!

PS: It is me or do the organisers need to consider extending the 'landing' zone at the end of the RUUHIMÄKI super special?
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