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Yeah, I watched it! Pretty incredible finish to the season. I wanted to see Larsson win, but the way it happened wasn't great. Not the first time we have seen cars retire with "mechanical issues" in order to let a reserve car take the start.

Felt for Oliver Eriksson. He did absolutely everything right and then had it taken away from him on the last lap of the race. I just read a post from OMSE stating that the car landed heavily off a jump and Oliver clipped a wall. Didn't see that during the coverage but, irrespective really, still gutting for him.
I was fortunate to go there and yeah, it was quite the spectacle. Ekström was open about the move on Facebook afterwards and after all he was there to help Larsson. During the heats he would take second after the start and hold up the pack so Larsson got clear. Without Ekström's vital support this weekend I doubt Larsson would've won it.

A rose joint broke for Eriksson. I can't help but think that had he been told by his spotter to ease up a bit, he would be champ. He was so far ahead of the rest and Larsson would never have caught up anyways, yet he kept going flat out and had the joker left too.
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