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MissClarrpz should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Season finale. 8 in ARX, 8 in ARX2, only 5 in ARX3.
Foust is 17 clear so needs to finish top 6 in quali and start the semi's or just finish top 3 in quali. Battle for 2nd is Sandell, Atko and Arpin within 7 which will be close until the end of the final.

Fraser McConnell has all but wrapped up the championship. Again more interesting to see who finishes 2nd out of Keats, Martell and Keyes all within 26 but Keats is only 20 ahead because he went to every round. Deberti is the only driver missing after CotA.

Only 2 people have turned up to all 4 ARX3 rounds which is rubbish. They need support classes that actually have entrants.
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