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Michael Oliver should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid

This is what Zaborowski had to say about the races he did with the T280:

"I have had three races with the Lola One at Hockenheim , one Wunsdorf (Airfield) , one Hillclimb Eifel. The last was in Hockenheim there I blew the engine. "

He also mentions Avus in his photo gallery - maybe someone might recognise the backdrops in the photos, I'm afraid I'm not very good on German circuits other than the Ring! The one where the car is No. 9 looks like an airfield location - maybe Wunsdorf?

Interestingly, Zaborowski is listed as contesting Round 2 of the 1977 Interserie at Avus in a Lola T290, then in the next round at Wunsdorf in the same type of car.

He is then listed as driving a T390 in the next round at Nurburgring (unlikely?). Perhaps the 2-litre bodywork on a 3-litre car was confusing to people and they didn't know what to call the car? Even Zaborowski calls it a T282 in his gallery! Same car listed for next round at Mainz-Finthen in September, then he is listed as last, having completed 17 of 22 laps at the next round at Hockenheim, October 9th 1977 - perhaps this was when he blew the engine?

As far as I can tell he doesn't appear in Interserie results for 1978, which would tie in because he says he took the blown engine to Swindon Racing Engines, bought a second-hand DFV for a good price and on the same trip collected the March 761 from Williams Grand Prix Engineering, which he then appears in at Snetterton (April?) 1978.

Don't know about the Hillclimb Eifel - do you know of anyone who has results for hillclimbs in the 70s?


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