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driftwood has a lot of promise if they can keep it on the circuit!
thanks for the welcome
i have taken a while to get back onto this tread
what i would like to know is what do u JJ and Michael O do for a living are u researchers?
u cant be mechanics from the era and u cant have that good a memory !!

so TB car is different to berts car?
what does that make it?
TB also has lola 290 series 2 litre racer in barcleys colours
the thundersport wallis otford group car is in usa for sale
if someone can tell me how to add in jpegs i can add in the AS snippet
Lola heritage also confirmed in earlier notes that 292 dfv was built
ive also been told of a lola 280 in italy that was nearly bought by a long standing "trader" i will interrogate him further as he was poised to send ££ but at the last minute stepped away from the purchase for another car
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