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driftwood has a lot of promise if they can keep it on the circuit!
thanks for the info
i did re read yr earlier posting after i posted my "help" note again and i saw u told me what to do
for the past 10 mins been trying to load the lehamn 290 dfv AS snippet hope it shows up

Re Elkhart lake yes i was Redman event well worth a trip took me 3 days to wander around paddock
i was not allowed to go the year before when the usa TGP cars went
would like to go again but perhaps every 2 yrs is enough
its a FAB track
i should get my act together and go there to do a race ( worth 3 of any uk club event)
they run f2 cars and Gp 6 type sports cars in 1 race 40-50 cars on the rolling start !
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