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driftwood has a lot of promise if they can keep it on the circuit!
"Can you remember who his prep man was? I'd certainly like to find out if he still has his T286 as well... So, just to be clear you are saying that he has a T280 (3-litre DFV) T290/6 (2-litre) and maybe one other car, the T286 (3-litre DFV) or are you calling the T286 a 'T280 series' car? "

cant recall prep man i do have his card somewhere but i refer to 280 as a series car im not saying he has 286 or 280
to recap TB has
1 290 series car( Barcleys livery) 1 280 series car and i think he may have 1 other sports race car but do not quote/ hold me to that

yes fotos its easy once u know how im actuallt taking foto of AS snippets not scanning them then reduce pixels on jpeg to around 40-50kb to fit the sites requirements
using digi camera is faster than a scanner (when it is woprking! )
so yr annoyed? im sure someone will soon put u outa yr misery - then we can all rest !
i will ask a german customer if he knows of these guys its just a bit before his lola / interserie time
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