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Originally Posted by chillibowl View Post
that i agree with. better to encourage participation at an earlier level and as time goes on, leagues like this wont be needed.

to be fair , i dont know how much of that is currently happening though.
All I know is it's not enough. There's plenty of female talent out there that aren't getting the opportunities they deserve, or even realize they're capable of. When I moved up to A-Mods at the dirt track, we let a young lady(16 years old) try out my old B-Mod. She'd never even driven a go-kart and she beat my best ever practice lap in that car. She subsequently won the track championship in the B-Mod class two years in a row before she left racing when she went to college - racing wasn't what she wanted to do full time.

She ended turning down offers for paid drives in touring championships because she saw it only as a hobby to pursue when she'd achieved her real goals. I doubt she'd have gotten those offers if she'd done the same in a women-only category.

Imagine if that talent had been tapped early in a proper competitive environment. She might be getting opportunities in NASCAR about now if such had occurred.
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