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Félix should be qualifying in the top 10 on the gridFélix should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
The ACO will probably want to announce new rules in advance so that new cars can be built before old ones become illegal - if they want to do it right for once... It's all a bit like the 2013 Addess Lotus LMP2 car that is designed to the 2014 LMP1 cockpit rules; teams looking at building a new LMP2 for 2015 will want to make sure their designs are future-proof.

Contrast that with Mike Newton: he got screwed over when the rules transitioned to current LMP2 when his car was penalized because it was missing a fin and wasn't homologated like the French Oreca was - and might well lose again with his updated WFR/Tiga that will be new for 2014, just before new closed cars meant for future rules appear.
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