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Originally Posted by bio View Post
me again.

It's sad to see the number of new designs in this forum steadily decline, isn't it?

Well, one thing's for sure - the forum has got the talent and the means. I'm sure time is no problem either if we mean business.

So, to try to revive the tempo of the Golden Days, when new tracks appeared here daily (or even more than one per day), I hereby start the "4 Tracks A Month" Movement. Anyone can join in - the criteria are:

- "members" submit atleast 4 tracks each month for the next 6 months;
- they participate actively in evaluating the others' designs (meaning we keep commenting on them )

Simple, isn't it?

My last attempt to bring us together failed miserably (the My Track Championship), let's see how this one's gonna work...

Just to give it a push start, I join the movement first, thus lifting my self-imposed ban on submitting new designs (from last December).

Anyone interested?

I'm in, was going to start MTW 7, seeing as we're nearing 25k, but what the hell, I'll start doodling!! might do a clockwise one this time

EDIT: Track 1 is done!! Will upload when I get my camera charged up (yes, it's a hand drawn shape, needs a little clear up.)

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