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Originally Posted by bella View Post
i'm not really sure about gutierrez. if you take out all the hype, aside from his epic fbmw season what's he done in bigger cars to make you think that he's a talent to get excited about?

in comparison, i don't know if korjus has done anything to *not* be impressed with!
I do agree re. Gutiérrez actually, his GP2 results last year were rather average for a driver with his amount of hype. In FBMW and GP3, however, he did show enough talent that I think he could turn out to be a top driver. We'll have to see how he does this year I think.

I do very much like Gorgeous Korjus, he was highly impressive in FR3.5 last year and I'm looking forward to seeing how he does this time. So I think you're probably right about Bianchi and Korjus being a stronger line-up actually.
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