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NaBUru38 should be qualifying in the top 3 on the gridNaBUru38 should be qualifying in the top 3 on the gridNaBUru38 should be qualifying in the top 3 on the grid
IndyCar + LMP1 + Formula E -> IMSA CanAm 2017

I was reading about Nascar being the "enabler" of IMSA, that is, "helping with administration, marketing, technology and broadcasting". That makes sense: they know a lot about those (well, not much about technology).

The United SportsCar won't have an actual run-what-you-brung class in 2014 or 2016, because they want to ensure a full main prototype grid in the long term.

So I thought: if IndyCar keeps struggling, what if IMSA / Nascar buys it and turns it into a new CanAm? By that, I mean a true formula libre class:

o- 700 kg weight, 4.70 m length, 1.90 m width.
o- 10 MJ / km fuel consumption - can be gasoline, diesel, electricity, whatever. This limit decreases every 2-3 years
(1 L = 35-38 MJ for gasoline and diesel, 1 kWh = 3.6 MJ)

The calendar would comprise ovals and road/street courses like IndyCar: Indianapolis, Texas, Milwaukee, Long Beach, Toronto, Road America, etc. Except for superspeedways, races would be shortened to 80min, so it fits with the rest of the Nascar / IMSA activities.

North America needs this kind of innovation, or Asians will overtake them.
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