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Biscuits In A Red Bull should be qualifying in the top 10 on the gridBiscuits In A Red Bull should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by Razzzor View Post
They kind of have to support their driver program, otherwise it just makes a mockery of it and the Torro Rosso team. Kimi was slightly different, because he's a top 4 driver in F1. Hulkenberg is not.
But have Red Bull invested money in the wrong guy? The answer? Well we'll have to wait for next season, but if he puts in mediocre performances then the Hulk would be better I'm sure, and if he's used as his likely role of "pushover Aussie" then you could've signed anyone!

And look down to RBR's driver programme. Both da Costa and Sainz Jr could do with a couple more seasons under their belts to mature and become a world class racer, which they have the potential to do, but Danil Kyvat? His awful test showings at Silverstone aren't the only problems. If he's meant to be the next driver for RBRs F1 team(s), then why is he not competitive in European F3? Whilst Marciello is Ferrari's man, why not invest in Felix Rosenqvist or Alex Lynn, who show more potential?

And then there is clearly some favouritism from Christian Horner between the 2 STR drivers. As far as I'm concerned, by looking at Ricciardo and not Vergne, then claiming the Frenchman is not ready for F1, after showing some amazing pace at Monaco and Montreal, only to suddenly drop away from Ricciardo, suggests to me that maybe Ricciardo's sudden and massive advantage isn't just the Aussie's determination, but also Red Bull trying to hype up their next driver, and as a result Vergne is now looking average again. Call me cynical, but this could be the case. It would certainly give Ricciardo a big psychological boost heading into next season.

And Hulkenberg, given the car, could easily be one of Formula 1's best ever drivers. He led the most laps in the 2012 Brazilian GP finale in a Force India in outrageously slippery conditions, giving wet weather demi-gods Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton (something British then?) a run for his money. And he should've got a podium at Spa last year, but the team put him on a slower strategy than those around him, costing him.
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