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Jamolad should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
oh, but it does make for an interesting 'fight for the championship' at the end of the year.

Would the numbers be down for TV and through the gate if Scott won the championship on the weekend - You betcha. Would Supercars be unhappy about that - you betcha

Oh, the sceptic is me is yelling "foul play" but the game goes on
Are you suggesting...what are you suggesting? Supercars put 17-specific magnets in the walls? How did they ensure he had a DNS?

Originally Posted by Forda View Post
The answer would be due to the 888 cars being up to nearly three tenths quicker than car 17, during the prior day's race.

He would have simply been looking to find that extra pace.
He was in qualifying trim, he wasn't looking for race pace, and what you said does not align with his own description of what happened.
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