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Willmaz223 should be qualifying in the top 10 on the gridWillmaz223 should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Glad to say I'm one or the younger people as you all know who is solely interested in Historics and club motorsport.

For me all good things must come to and end,historic racing aswell.They're will be a time when racing as we know it will cease (hope thats not for a while) and cars that will see racing now will be put bafk in museums,garages etc or simply destroyed or broke down.

It's an inevitable part of human evolution if you like. Motor Sport as far as I know has only been around in its current form for th3 last 100 ish years.

I'm optimistic about the future but with a lack of young people,grids getting smaller,drivers getting to old to race,costs going up and to many events on it not looking to bright in some way.

One idea that I don't see a lot of is arrive and drives in historic .If a owner can't race let the car be raced by someone else that is younger maybe.You see a lot of in modern and club racing.This as with everything comes with obviouse difficulties.

Only talked about a few points.Feel free to disagree,agree,add to.
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