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grantp should be qualifying in the top 3 on the gridgrantp should be qualifying in the top 3 on the gridgrantp should be qualifying in the top 3 on the grid
Originally Posted by MGDavid View Post
I postulate that you'll download a carnet blank off the net, fill it in, present it at port for checking & stamping, and proceed. Common sense says Nat A drivers should be planning to upgrade to International C.
Can you please remind me of the last legislative change in motorsport that did not incur an increase in costs - nothing new there!
Any idea how many of the British drivers in the Spa 6 hours would be put off by a bit of admin and a few hundred quid extra?
What is done currently when Brits go and race their cars outside of the EU? (e.g. FJ world tour)?

Things could get interesting as they were "in the old days".

On my way to a certain race in the south of France back in the carnet loving 70s I arrived on the other side of the channel and as I headed for the carnet stamping office noticed the March transporter parked up.

Greeted the driver in passing and he informed us that he had been there for 2 days and the French customs had been through everything he was transporting down to every nut and bolt drawer. We had the documents signed promptly and left him to it.

Returning a week or so later, after a test day diversion on the return journey, I came upon the Frank Williams truck still waiting to get on a ferry. Its driver told me he had been stuck there for a couple of days due to some paperwork anomalies - something along the lines that on the way out they had inadvertently presented for signature a couple of carnets for engines that they did not actually have with them on the trip. On the return the customs people decided they wanted to see the engines ... and as he could not produce them it was decided that they must have been imported and sold so payment was due for the duty.

All good fun I suppose.

Mind you that was at a time when France in particular seemed especially keen to ensure that pertinent taxes were being collected and local manufacturing was protected.

Nothing wrong with that. The UK was doing the same thing to protect, for example, British Leyland.


Maybe, if BMW take fright about whatever Brexit turns out to be we could buy MINI back from them for a quid.

Rebrand it Triumph?
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