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canaglia should be qualifying in the top 10 on the gridcanaglia should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by carbsmith View Post
I doubt all the current P class cars come back next season considering how horrendously uncompetitive some (most) of them are. If there's a fourth Cadillac it will be a current team but I don't see why GM would bother. Really nothing but the Cadillacs and the #90 seem certain. Not to say they won't be replaced but I don't see a lot of stability with how much trouble teams are having running those cars.

Agree, gibson lmp2 cars simply don't stand a chance against cadillacs.
Considering that there are at lest 6 cadillac chassis (4 fox AXR and 2 for WTR) very likely spirit of daytona will get one of them next year.
ESM and speedsource surely will keep on with their package, but is very unlikely that oreca/ligier teams will stay next year.

Penske dpi program can be real only with HPD involvment = HPD pays for everything.
Audi/Joest/Bentley/whatever is just fan fiction so far
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