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Jonerz should be qualifying in the top 5 on the gridJonerz should be qualifying in the top 5 on the grid
Originally Posted by canaglia View Post
Agree, gibson lmp2 cars simply don't stand a chance against cadillacs.
Considering that there are at lest 6 cadillac chassis (4 fox AXR and 2 for WTR) very likely spirit of daytona will get one of them next year.
ESM and speedsource surely will keep on with their package, but is very unlikely that oreca/ligier teams will stay next year.

Penske dpi program can be real only with HPD involvment = HPD pays for everything.
Audi/Joest/Bentley/whatever is just fan fiction so far
Rebellion was on pole for Sebring, and the 85 JDC/Miller car was in contention for hours at Sebring. That car was also quite good at Long Beach. If a team at or near Rebellion's level was to run a Oreca/Gibson for the whole year, they would be in contention for wins straight away, especially at fast and flowing circuits, which make a good portion of the schedule. Sufficed to say, I really don't think we lose every LMP2 entry; especially not if IMSA allows teams to change gearbox suppliers, or make other changes that make the cars more American-circuit-friendly.

VFR will very likely run a DPi next year, but I don't think it is a certainty that it will be Cadillac.

The Penske/Honda connection would be a serious threat to Cadillac, and seriously amp up the level of competition in the prototype class, no doubt.

Joest and Audi have each been quoted on their genuine interest in the DPi/IMSA Prototype category. Do I think either program will show up in 2018? I doubt both will - unless Audi tasks Joest with their DPi program, but if Audi doesn't show in '18, I think they are likely in '19, and Joest may be a great candidate for a TPNAEC entry, given a sponsor or manufacturer willing to pay the bills.

Perhaps I err too far on the side of DPi/LMP2 being a success, but I really think you are being far too cynical about its chances.

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