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My recent dealings with the MSA regarding HTP papers was a mixed bag. The inspection of the car was done on my premises and the required 'photos selected from a load I had taken in advance plus a few taken during the inspection. The papers came through pretty quickly - within a couple of weeks but unfortunately there was a fundamental error in the designation of the car (nothing to do with the inspection - happened somewhere between MSA/FIA). I visited the offices to return the docs and ask for re-issue (OK as I was passing anyway). Didn't hear anything and chased but no real update. Put together a dossier to further support my application and got the corrected papers back within 2 weeks. Overall I thought it was all quicker than I expected and even given the initial hiccup wasn't the long drawn out process I was lead to believe it would be.

With regard to the MGC, there is currently an MGC GT running with the Swinging Sixties although presumably not to FIA HTP spec. It's not anything like as quick as it might be expected to be on paper but then I guess it suffers from the same issues that the GT6 did - spec looks great on paper but in reality getting them to get around a circuit quickly is quite a different matter! Mind the big Healeys are fairly handy and they must share some of the same dynamic issues as the C?
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