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Isnt that one of the key reasons why manufactuers are getting into gt4. The gt3 cars were getting too expensive as they chase HP, aero and weight. that they have now had to get into lower cost cars as they were starting to get out of the price of the common person
Manufacturers still tip insane amounts of money into GT3 because that's what the people watch. It's retains a good level of privateer and factory interest because in-season development is severely limited and so is the outlay. They have little reason to chase too much HP, Aero or lose weight because every advantage is eventually thwarted by BoP.

I can only suspect that the minimum performance level set by the FIA and tested each September for homologation is a constantly moving goal post that is forcing GT3 speeds up every few years - hence the GT-R, Jaguar and Bentley beginning to drop off.

It is reaching a point of unsustainable cost escalation, however - but I am sceptical every dollar and dime received on a GT3 car only just covers the cost to build it...

Most are only adding GT4 to their inventory (and TCR in some instances) to capture greater market share.

GT4 Europe is still predominantly contested by tuner built models and legacy one-make cars - with the Cayman MR and McLaren 570s slowly starting to take over.

GT4 still costs a bomb - $250k plus for a raft of newer models - well out of reach of most normal people (as is TCR - $100k + is not something most people have laying about for toys).
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