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mrQ should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by Denis Bassom View Post
Steve and Mike Quenby - Nova - Now in the Tiger R6 championship, his Nova fell apart.
Didn't fall apart......I broke it!

Been getting all nostalgic reading through these pages and good to see Compton's as vocal as he ever was

Remember starting out in '94 in a pretty much standard Sunbeam Ti and spending a couple of seasons learning to race (and buying most of Vince Mitchell's old bits ). Then moved onto a very light and rapid Nova, which almost won me a class c'ship when I moved over to Mod Prods.

Got a bit bored with saloon racing in 2002-ish and decided to build myself a kit car & race that. Glad I did, as I won a Tiger class c'ship in 2008.

Some pics....

Steve Quenby
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