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Originally Posted by knighty
exactly, and you can run them bigger too, as its a push-rod engine with a single block mounted cam.......from memory, GT1 runs a pair of 31.8mm.......the LMP1 regs allow a pair of 33.1 restrictors for a 6.0 pushrod 2v a guide the 5.5 judd runs a pair of 32.4mm restrictors........hence my strong belief a proper long stroke push rod 6.0 V8 will make a fantastic LMP1 motor, with 650bhp and 800Nm of torque.
At a minimum, hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent for special cylinder heads to make the seven liter engine perform as well as it does on the lacking amount of air/fuel mixture allowed.
To assume that a tiny fraction more air, in a greatly reduced capacity engine will suddenly work wonders is wishfull thinking at best.
It will again take an effort, at the least, equal to the previous one, to make new cylinder heads designed to work at a new bore and stroke to try to equal hp output with less inches cubed than before.
Long stroke equals greater friction, not less.

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